Hi Everyone.

We all arrived safe and well. Everything went smoothly and on time. No problems. Mr and Mrs Milligan are settled into the honeymoon suite!! As soon as we arrived bags put in the rooms and started straight into shoeboxes. Saturday morning we headed up to Saleus. This was a total experience for the team. We where taken round this village on the hill and honestly I have not seen poverty like it. Words cannot explain the hardship. Firstly please pray for this village. They have nothing at all. All the houses are made from mud, some with roofs some without.

The men where doing emergency repairs putting plastic sheets over houses to try and make them water tight. Hard to know where to start as so many need emergency help. I think as men we got off lightly as the women had to take some of the mothers and children back to our house in Laslea to wash and feed them. You have to understand that these people have never been in a van, have never seen running water and have not got to eat much. On top of this a lot of health issues!!This place is a dark place which needs the Love of Jesus.

I keep thinking of our teaching the Sunday before we came out on Moses. We here feel we are not able for this task but God has took us and said I will provide all the skills you need. This is not to say like Moses we keep asking for another sign and another sign. Please continue to pray for the whole team including Norman and Linda, Grace and Callum.We really cannot do any of this on our own strength but it is great to serve our Mighty God here in Romania.

On Sunday morning which is now by the time you read this we are having a service in the house with Owen starting our study on the Sermon on the Mount. I pray everyone at home and in our church family are keeping well and we really do feel your prayers out here. Well off to my wee bed.  We have an Awesome and mighty God who never gives us anything we cannot cope with.

God bless.

Robbie Vennard. Aka(Bob the Builder)