For this ‘useful resource’ post I’d like to list some helpful podcasts for your commute or walk. So switch off Good Morning Ulster and switch onto some good edifying content.  If you have a suggestion from your own commute listening, see me (ben) at church or email and we’ll get it put up. On a technical point, just search for these podcasts from itunes or your android podcast app of choice.


Mortification of Spin is helpful podcast which doesn’t take itself too serious yet covers major issues within the evangelical world.


White Horse Inn is done in a interview format with Michael Horton and guest. Always provocative and helpful.


Christ the Center covers reformed theology and does require a bit more critical thinking and engagement. One for the motorway rather than twisty b-roads.


Simon and Mark Kermode Film review. Not a religious podcast but your license fee does pay for this one! Somewhat of an acquired taste but  5Live’s film review show is great for a detox from theological listening.