Fuse 2015 pictures and video

Fuse 2015! The race begins with Emily explaining the colour run and stains of sin. Check back here for more photos over the weekend.

Road Hoggs Photos 2014

<Find below from pictures from last year event> Hey men, Thanks for supporting the first Richhill Road Hoggs event at RPC! Trust you were blessed by the fellowship and challenged by Noel. Find below some pictures from the event.

Passion for Life Website

Our regional passion for Life website has launched here. The site has details of upcoming prayer meetings, talks and a recording of Craig Dyer from the last prayer meeting. It is well worth a listen as Craig expands scripture to show God's vision for mission and pitfalls that we try to construct.

Nov Romania Team Update

Hi Everyone. We all arrived safe and well. Everything went smoothly and on time. No problems. Mr and Mrs Milligan are settled into the honeymoon suite!! As soon as we arrived bags put in the rooms and started straight into shoeboxes. Saturday morning we headed up to Saleus. This was a total experience for the

Suzanne’s Update 2

G'day! I hope everything is well at home! Thought I'd write a short update on my adventures in Australia! Since I last updated you all so much has been happening. I first of all went camping for two weeks in the outback, we traveled for two hours up a mountain and then camped in a


From mighty Mourne to the realm of Richhill! My name is Emily Stevenson and this year I will be interning at RPC. I grew up in Kilkeel where I attended Mourne Presbyterian. I’m 22 years old and have just finished a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. After finishing secondary school I did a gap

Lesley-Anne in Spain

Hello all, I hope you're doing great and are safe in the arms of our King as you read this. It's so crazy to think that as I write this, I've been here in Spain for over 3 weeks! In many ways it feels like it's been longer since I was in good old NI.

Suzanne’s first update from Australia

G'day I hope everyone is well at home, I'm currently about to start my fourth week of lectures at YWAM Townsville. So far the experience has been amazing. Lectures are designed to help  prepare you for outreach, so topics I have studied so far are; The character of God, The voice of God, Identity and

Romania Team Final Update

Hey all, The team has well and truly settled into a routine of work, devotions and sleep and we are grateful for the safe arrival of Darren from Germany. Emily got home to Northern Ireland safely as well. Ben has completed his week in Romania and returned home on Sunday. The rest of us will

Romania Update 2

Evening all, It is currently quarter to eight (we are two hours ahead) and I thought I would steal a bit of time before team devotions and do a blog update. Yesterday saw our first proper day of work when we were on the building site and also ran a day camp for the kids